Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!

Dear Dad:

Happy Father's Day! I may not always "show" that I love you as much as Emma always has with tons of cuddles and kisses, but hopefully you still know how much I love you since I did get that part of my personality from you. ;)

Thank-you for always taking me to the park to play catch with me and then raving to mum when we got home about how well I did.

Thank-you for always showing up (and usually actively watching) my games.

Thank-you for how hard and long you work to provide for our family.

Thank-you for all the work you did to organize the fundraiser at Roo's.

Thank-you for wrestling with Emma and I all the time.

Thank-you for all the random and fun video projects you created with me.

Thank-you for encouraging my creativity and "inventer" dreams by building huge creations with me using lego and mechano.

Thank-you for keeping up your end of our deal even though my room is currently messy again...

speaking of which, I've got to go clean it now.



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